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In 1867, Robinson placed before the American public “specimens” of his biblical expositions, which considered a logical development of the gospel as it unfolded historically. In this brief description of his book one learns that redemption (“the gospel”) was in view as it was progressively unfolded. In short, Robinson was presenting to the public the Scriptures as redemptive history, showing sensitivity to the linear-historical nature of revelation…

History of Primitive Methodism Vol 2. Change and Decay: Primitive Methodism from late Victorian times to World War 1 by David Young


Here is a salutary examination of the decline in orthodoxy of the Primitive Methodists over a single generation. David Young’s carefully documented work traces the stages of that decline and the attempts yet ultimate failure to arrest it. Much has been written concerning the founding fathers of the Prims and the glory days of the early expansion that made it the greatest evangelical movement in English history numerically, yet less has been written concerning the latter years of the 19th century, A debt of gratitude is owed David Young for supplying much of the missing picture.