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“Most works on Biblical Theology are from a liberal theological perspective and so flawed as to be virtually useless to conservative students of the Scriptures. Oehler is distinguished by his essential conservatism: ‘Here, indeed, there must be strife between those who—and I avow myself to belong to this class—acknowledge as facts what the Old Testament religion lays down as such, and are consequently convinced that the thing believed was also a thing which took place; and between those who see in the Old Testament faith mainly a product of religious ideas, the historical basis of which can be ascertained only by a critical process resting on rationalistic presuppositions. The latter party, who despise the key offered by the Old Testament itself for the comprehension of its history . . . have turned the providential leading of Israel into a dark riddle’ (p. 10). Oehler is a rare gem. His footnotes alone are worth more than some biblical theologians’ life’s work.

Dr. Robert P. Martin

Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church

Seattle, Washington USA


This edition was originally published in 1883 and republished in the 1950s by Zondervan.


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