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“It has been said that one of the greatest lacks in preaching today is imagination. If that be so then Alexander Whyte comes to the rescue. Often his vivid imagination goes beyond Scripture, but the value of his contribution in this field is not to be missed. Whyte excels with Bunyan’s Characters. Each one seems tailor-made to suit his particular gift. It is evident that he loves Bunyan, and his own ability to illustrate so graphically is heart-warming and mind-exercising. God’s people cannot but be helped in their own pilgrim journey as they go hand in hand with Whyte through these characters. The whole tenor of the book is to lead us to godliness. The challenge of seeing our hearts as they really are is on every page, and for a ‘readable sanctification’ it hardly has a rival. One of its great values is that it is different. So many good books say the same thing as other good books. It is not so with this volume. Those coming to it for the first time will be blessed with the remarkable freshness. I have read the old three-volume set time and again and God has used it to the good of my soul every time I have picked it up. The publishers deserve our sincere thanks for seeing the need for this book. By making it available to another generation of Christians they have served us well. May the book set forth the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts of his dear people.” —Alun T. McNabb

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