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“It is the ambition of some to be specially distinguished as ‘students of prophecy.’ To such a distinction my revered father made no claim. But as a student of God’s Word the prophetic page was not neglected by him. He found there a field of pleasant and profit able research; and sought to throw light upon it, and unfold its treasures for the benefit of others.

“Of this he has left abundant evidence, not only in these Lectures on Zechariah, but in numerous other lectures, on most if not all the prophetic books of the Old Testament; and in a complete series of expository discourses on the Apocalypse. And of his mode of handling prophetic questions, lie presented to the Public a specimen or two during his life-time;—one, a Discourse on ‘The Purposes of divine Mercy to the Seed of Abraham;’ the other, a Discourse on ‘The Millennium.’

“These Lectures have been selected, because among the Author’s latest productions—having been composed and delivered when he was in his seventy-second year; because the portion of Scripture which they seek to elucidate, while possessing many points of great interest, is apt to be overlooked; and because it introduces greater variety into the character of these posthumous volumes, and shows the Author’s facility in giving to every theme a practical hearing.”

— From the Preface

“Written in the Doctor’s old age; but we prefer it, in some respects, to other volumes of his lectures. We always consult it.”

—C. H. Spurgeon.

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