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An Exposition of the First Epistle of John

by James Morgan


James Morgan was the minister of the influential Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland in the mid-19th century. He presented these lectures to his congregation after 37 years of ministry among them.

In the Preface he says:

“I would have you not merely to understand what brotherly love is, but to examine whether you possess it, and live in the exercise of it, and have this evidence of your true discipleship. Can you conclude that you are the children of God, seeing you are constrained by the love He bears to you to love all them that are members of His family?

“This practical and personal application of the truth that is taught is a distinguishing feature of the First Epistle of John. It is, indeed, a feature of all the Scriptures, manifesting their sincerity, and truth, and earnestness. It is very pointed in the writings of the Apostle Paul, who is ever illustrating his subject by his own personal history. But in John it is carried to perfection, especially in this epistle. He seems to take his reader by the hand, and to discuss with him, not the truth merely, but his personal interest in it; not only the subject of brotherly love, but the reader’s possession of it, and the evidence thus furnished to him, and enjoyed by him, that he is himself a child of God. Thus, it is, beloved brethren, I present this subject to your attention, and ask your acceptance of my volume as a token of my love, and a memorial of my ministry. Undesignedly, the exposition is completed in fifty-two Lectures, so that by the reading of one every Sabbath, the Volume will furnish a lesson for every Sabbath in the year.”

Morgan was also the author of meditations on Psalm 51, also published by Tentmaker Publications.

“…of great practical interest and value”—Dr. Candlish

“We are glad to possess it”—C H Spurgeon





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