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Compiled from source documents by Rev. Stanley Barnes for the Whitefield College of the Bible, N.Ireland

Revival has always been the lifeline of the church. In english the idea in the word is the resurgence of life. When we look for indications of its etymological history in the Bible, the Old Testament use of the word signifies the giving of life which brings benefit to the work of the Lord among men. Revival is God breathing a new life, as it were, into the Church. This impartation of life is in itself the preservation of the Church’s ministry, as well as its impetus in the field of missionary and evangelisitic endeavour.

The Whitefield College, as part of the Free Presbyterian Church, is interested in revival. Many have prayed for revival, some have talked about it, but there are few who look for it. The prophets certainly prayed for revival. Burdened saints have often meditated upon the words,”0 Lord, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid: 0 Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy.” Hab 3:2.

Different parts of the world have had the privilege of experiencing revival in the past, and whether one thinks of the great Reformation or the inspiring preaching of a Jonathan Edwards or a George Whitefield, revival has been God’s work. Revival has been like the river, “the streams whereof have made glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.” Revival has put the Church on its feet.
These papers focus attention mainly on the Ulster Revival of 1859. It is the express wish of the writer that the study of these seven volumes may inspire like-minded brethren everywhere to pray for the restoration of the candlestick to its place. For the candlestick to leave Ephesus meant the extinction of the church. For its burning flame to be there meant the extension of the church.
As will no doubt be clear, the College stands indebted to the Rev. Stanley Barnes whose consuming interest in revival moved him to collect these papers from a variety of sources and over a considerable period of time. We assume this collection to be unique. We are delighted to be able to offer this depository of stimulating reading to all our students and our friends.

Dr John Douglas, Principal, Whitefield College of the Bible



Accounts of the Revival across Ulster

Rev. D. Adams, Ahoghill — The Revival at Ahoghill: Its
Narrative and Nature, with suitable reflections

William Arthur, A.M. — The Revival in Ulster: Ahoghill
and Ballymena & The Revival in Ballymena and Coleraine

Rev. S.M. Dill — The Revival at Ballymena in 1859

Rev. Samuel J. Moore, Ballymena — The History and
Prominent Characteristics of the present Revival in
Ballymena and its Neighbourhood

Rev. William Richey (formerly of Coleraine) — Connor
and Coleraine; or, Scenes and Sketches of the Last
Ulster Awakening

Rev. William J. Patton, Minister of Second Presbyterian
Church, Dromara — The Revival at Dromara in 1859

Rev. Andrew Wilson, Dungannon — The Revival at
Dungannon in 1859

Rev. Thomas B. Bell, Leswalt — Notes on the Revival at

Presbytery of Limavady — The 1859 Revival



Personal Assessments of the Revival

James William Massie, D.D., LL.D.
— Revivals in Ireland. Facts, Documents, and Correspondence

— A Visit to the Scenes of Revival in Ireland. The
Origin, Progress, and Characteristics of the Work of
1859. Parts II and III of Revivals in Ireland

— The Revivals Reviewed; Their Progress and
Results. Original correspondence from Ministers
and other Friends in Ireland. Part IV of Revivals in

Rev. R. T. Simpson, M.A., Q.U.I.
— Recollections of and Reflections on the Revival
of 1859

Rev. John Baillie
— The Revival: or What I saw in Ireland; with
thoughts suggested by the same. The Result of
Two Personal Visits



The Legacy of the Revival

Benjamin Scott — The Revival in Ulster: Its Moral and
Social Results

Ministers and Medical Men in Ulster — The Revival in
Ireland. Letters on the Revival of Religion in the
North of Ireland, addressed to the Rev. H. Grattan

Rev. W. M. Craig, B.A., B.D. — Significance of the 1859
Revival – A Movement that swept Ulster, written for
the “Portadown News”

Rev. Matthew Kerr — The Ulster Revival of the
Seventeenth Century: An Instructive Chapter in the
Early History of Presbyterianism in Ireland

Rev. Professor Gibson, Belfast — Present Aspects of The
Irish Revival

Arthur W. Edwards, A.M. — A Letter on the Religious

Rev. E. J. Poole-Connor — Visitations of Grace



The Controversies and Debates of the Revival

Isaac Nelson — An Answer to the Rev. Professor Killen’s
Defence of Revivalism, Assurance, and the Witness
of the Spirit

— An Answer to the Rev. John
Macnaughtan’s Defence of Revivalism, Assurance,
and the Witness of the Spirit

Rev. T. S. Woods — The Delusion of the Rev. I. Nelson:
A Lecture

Edward A. Stopford — The Work and the Counterwork;
or, The Religious Revival in Belfast. With an
explanation of the physical phenomena

Rev. Edward Hincks, D.D. — God’s Work and Satan’s
Counter-Works, as now carried on in the North of

Rev. Alexander McCreery — Satan’s Devices and Dr.
Hincks’s Fancies

Rev. F. J. Porter, A.M. — The Spirit Resisted: A Revival
Address, with a Letter on Helps to the Ministry

— The Prophet Deceived: Lay
Teaching not Lay Preaching

Rev. J. A. Chancellor — The Prophet Un-deceived



The Theology of Revivals

Rev. Hugh Hanna — Revivals Vindicated against the
False Philosophy of the World

Rev. John Montgomery — The Holy Spirit: Its Nature and

Rev. Charles Seaver, Rev. J.A. Canning, and the Rev.
James M’Cosh, LL.D. — The Ulster Revival, in its
Religious Features and Physiological Accidents

W. M. Wilkinson — The Revival in its Physical, Psychical,
and Religious Aspects

Rev. James Morgan, D.D. — Thoughts on The Revival of

Rev. J. Oswald Dykes, A.M. — Apostolic Times Revived

Rev. W. Mc’Ilwaine, A.M. — Ulster Revivalism
Revivalism: Is it of God, or of the Devil? Considered with
reference to the “Awakenings” in America, at
Belfast and Ballymena

Thomas Macneece, D.D. — Words of Caution and Counsel
on the present Religious Revival, addressed to his



Tracts and Pamphlets of the Revival

Rev. Samuel Prenter, M.A. — The Late Rev. Thomas Toye
– a Lecture on his Life and Times

Rev. Principal J.M. Barkley, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., D.D. —
Tommy Toye: Revivalist Preacher

Of Irish Worthies – The Rev. Thomas Toye of Belfast

Reminiscences of the Rev. Isaac Nelson, Minister of
Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast

George Salmon, D.D. — The Evidences of the Work of the
Holy Spirit

Rev. S.J. Moore — The Ministerial Office Magnified:
Why? and How?

Rev. James Denham — Revivals of Religion and Means of
Obtaining Them

Rev. C. Seaver — Religious Revivals

John Brown, D.D. — Address on the Revival of Religion

Rev. J. M. Killen, M.A. — Religion in Everything

Rev. Robert Knox, A.M. — The Ulster Revival



The Effect of the Revival Outside Ulster

Revival in the Old and New Worlds

Religious Movement in the United States

Rev. John Venn, M.A. — The Revival in Wales

Rev. Hamilton M. Macgill — On the Present Revival of
Religion in Scotland

J. Edwin Orr, Ed.D., Th.D., D.Phil. (Oxford) — The Re-
Study of Revival and Revivalism

N.D. Emerson, LL.B., Ph.D. — The Church of Ireland and
The 1859 Revival

Robert Haire — The Story of The ’59 Revival with some
Methodist Sidelights

The English Press on the Irish Revivals

Rev. David Hunter — Plymouthists and Their Principles

Rev. John Smyth, M.A. — Plymouth Brethrenism: Its
Creed and Character. A Dialogue




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