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Edward Kennaway Groves was a renaissance man personified; a man of great energy with an enquiring mind; a linguist, an ingenious practical engineer, a preacher and deeply religious student of the Bible, and a devoted family man. Sadly Edward suffered significant mental health issues, poorly understood at the time, and he was certified insane on three occasions; the manage-ment of his illness and subsequent prejudice against him are an integral part of his life story. The stigma of mental illness negated his efforts to bring Bethesda round to his way of thinking, and as a result he was consigned to the endnotes of Brethren history. This biography is designed to assign to Edward a place in history more appropriate to his talents.

There can be no doubt that Edward’s efforts to change the way things were done at Bristol Bethesda infuriated the hierarchy. Whether he was justified in his challenge the readers of this book must decide for themselves.